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3rd Clean Pacific Roundtable 2021:
Roundtable Session 2: Technological Innovations with Public Private Partnerships

The "Technological Innovations with Public Private Partnerships” session is to bring together outcomes from the various technical sessions, with direct guidance from industry experts, to discuss the role of business, government, and community in delivering appropriate and sustainable waste management solutions for the region

3rd Clean Pacific Roundtable 2021:
Roundtable Session 3: Bridging people and waste: Enhancing consciousness in waste management

Appropriate waste management for a Cleaner Pacific is everyone's business. Whether it is governments, the private sector or civil society, everyone is welcome to participate in the struggle against waste pollution. To drastically reduce the amount of waste generated, it is necessary to raise the awareness of individuals to this problem to strengthen consciousness and to encourage changes in behaviour.
This technical session titled "How to enhance consciousness and strengthen behaviour changes on waste management for a cleaner Pacific" aims to answer the following:
•    How to enhance consciousness in waste management?
•    How to improve and sustain behaviour changes?
The Talanoa will involve people from the public sector, NGOs, charities, associations and civil society, working for environmental protection as well as for the promotion of arts, traditional cultures and spirituality

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