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3rd Clean Pacific Roundtable 2021:
Roundtable Session 1: Circular Economy Summit

Circular economy is not a new concept so why is it a popular term? Noting that the Pacific are not or are not big manufacturers and are importers or receivers of manufactured products, is Circular Economy the right approach for Pacific region? What can a person do to achieve Circular Economy? 

The Cleaner Pacific Roundtable is to bring together the issues and outcomes from the four technical sessions (government, industry, institutions, civil society) to discuss the role of each in achieving circular economy particularly to manage plastic pollution. The Roundtable will discuss what circular economy means from a global perspective

3rd Clean Pacific Roundtable 2021:
Side Event 9: UNEP Outlook Report Launch & UN Decade Framework

2021 declared the start of the UN Decade for Ecosystem Restoration to address the triple planetary crises of climate change, biodiversity conservation and waste management. 
What can I do to contribute to the UN Decade for Ecosystem Restoration? How can waste management stakeholders address the issue? What can we change in the Tourism Industry post COVID to improve on sustainability? Moana Taka is a private - public sector partnership - how can we use it to improve waste management?

3rd Clean Pacific Roundtable 2021:
Side Event 10: Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL)

Presentation on the Works undertaken by Oil Spill Response Limited. 

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