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3rd Clean Pacific Roundtable 2021:
Technical Session 4: Civil Society

3rd Clean Pacific RoundTable 2021, Technical Session 4: Civil Society    Session Description
While waste management policies across the Pacific support partnerships between governments and industry, civil society remains, in many countries, on the periphery of policy development and implementation. Despite this marginalisation, civil society continues to employ tactics that make them stand as key actors in promoting environmentally sustainable behavior. 

From community groups to faith-based organisations, to youth association; civil society is leading advocacy for waste management in the Pacific. Some of these groups are even involved in the provision of vital waste management services like sorting and recycling.

In this Technical Session, we hear what some of these civil society groups are doing to influence waste management outcomes. How can communities organize themselves to protect themselves from the impacts of waste? What is the community’s role in waste management?

3rd Clean Pacific Roundtable 2021:
Dive, Side Event 6: HealthCare Medical Waste Investment Plan

This session aims to inform and discuss recent endorsement by SPREP member countries of the PIC incinerator repair and maintenance backstopping facility. Some of the questions the session will delve into are: What, if any opportunities and/or employment advantages are there in incinerator use and this backstopping effort? What should our long-term goals be to address healthcare infectious wastes in our environment (not just public health)? How do we address the myriad of facilities beyond just hospitals (health clinics, dental offices, tattoo parlors, etc.)? This session aims to inform participants’ countries on the purpose and form of the incinerator backstopping effort, review SPREP’s endorsement of the project and support path forward for donor intervention.

3rd Clean Pacific Roundtable 2021:
Deep Dive, Side Event 7: Sustainable Financing

The Sustainable Financing Deep Dive will provide participants an understanding of Deposit and Levy systems currently in operation in the Pacific, and knowledge of options and opportunities to implement or expand their own system using the 21-step pathway. What would you like to know about Sustainable Financing (Deposit and Levy) systems and how they can assist with Waste Management? What would you like to learn from countries in the Pacific with a Sustainable Financing (Deposit and Levy) system in place? What aspects of a Sustainable Financing (Deposit and Levy) systems are a barrier for the implementation of a system in your country?

3rd Clean Pacific Roundtable 2021:
Side Events 8: Mercury Free Pacific

This side event seeks to promote the Mercury Free Pacific Campaign which is planned to get underway in 2022. Recent studies undertaken in the region indicate that Pacific countries are still using mercury medical devices and products thus exposing people to the dangers of mercury. So, what is SPREP doing to help countries deal with mercury poisoning? How can countries get involved in the Mercury free Pacific Campaign? Are there any follow up actions post campaign period? Learn more from this session. 

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