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3rd Clean Pacific Roundtable 2021:
Technical Session 2: Private Sector/Industry

Why is it necessary for the private sector to be involved in waste management? What are some incentives/disincentives for the involvement of the private sector in waste management? What are some growth strategies for companies in the waste industry?

Understand this, industry plays a vital role in waste management because they offer solutions that governments on their own or other waste management stakeholders cannot provide. Industry supports waste management by offering services for waste storage, collection, transportation, treatment, and final disposal. It is evolving into an important sector that is helping to protect our precious environment and improve the use and recovery of products that would normally find their way into the environment or fill our landfills. 

3rd Clean Pacific Roundtable 2021:
Technical Session 3: Partnerships for Impact: Understanding the role of Tertiary & Vocational Institutions in Pacific Waste Management

Partnerships are at the core of successful, sustainable waste management outcomes. 
In this session we focus on collaboration with tertiary institutions for meaningful impact. The first half of this session will highlight the benefits of partnering with academic institutions for enhanced capacity development, including upskilling and diversification.

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